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Road map to success


One-hour phone consultation with Cary on the topics of your choice.

Topic suggestions…new site analysis, store size, impact fees, lease negotiation, store build-out, machine configuration, etc…



Should I buy that store?



Found an existing laundromat that you like, but you have some doubts?  Let Cary guide you through the ins and outs of buying a store so you feel confident speaking with owners, landlords and business brokers to help avoid costly mistakes.


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How do I get into the laundromat business?


Should I buy an established business or build a brand new store?  How much does it cost?  Where do I get financing? Having a full time job can I still own and operate a laundromat?  Should it be attended or un-attended?  Should I offer wash-dry-fold service?   

Set up your phone consultation with Cary and get started on your road to owning your first vended laundry.


Two 1hr. phone consultations

1hr and 30 min. phone consultation

Additional time available

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