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  • I just found an available store front in a shopping center not far from home.  What do I do now?

  • Is a laundromat an allowable use in this location and is the landlord agreeable?

  • Are there any restrictions or sewer impact fees?

  • How much space do I need and how many washers and dryers?

  • What should the monthly rent be?

  • What’s better, attended or un-attended?

  • What does it cost to build a new vended laundry from scratch?

  • We can help you with all that and more.

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  • New site analysis including demographic and competition evaluation and determining allowable use

  • Sewer impact and tap fees

  • Assist you and your attorney, with lease negotiations, insuring certain necessary provisions specific to a vended laundry are included

  • Interior lay-out and design for presentation to architect and blue-print review prior to presenting to building officials

  • Coordinate with distributor on proper machine selection, configuration and ancillary equipment to compete in the marketplace

  • Consult with General Contractor on all construction and technical items necessary for proper laundromat build out and to prevent unnecessary building

  • Effective exterior and interior signage

  • Hiring, and staff training, including behind the counter functions, money management and  proper machine use and laundry customer interactions

  • Owner training in all phases of laundromat business operations

  • Establishing a first class wash dry fold profit center from drop-off to pick-up

  • Creating an efficient and profitable pick-up and delivery service

  • Effective marketing and advertising during the construction phase, prior to obtaining certificate of occupancy

  • Soft opening leading up to grand opening

  • Develop a business plan and pro forma, specific to your store showing revenue based on the number and size of washers and dryers with their vend prices, at various turns per day.   Also included will be revenue and expenses from all other sources and services

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